A Day in My home…..

What is life like in my house???

Up today at 6 am to take the puppy out, feed the puppy and play with said puppy….

Send hubby off to work,

All young kids up, everyone plays with puppy and outside potty break with said puppy….again…

Did I mention it’s only 7:15am…..

I sit on couch with 2 snuggle bugs, telling myself I need to still get my Bible study time in AND Workout, and that I should do these while its early so we can relax today….

2 of 4 awake complaining of congestion, man I love summer colds, puppy down for his morning nap, and I, well I decide to stay on the couch instead of being productive….

It’s now 8:30, kids want to eat, so I’m feeding and stopping the fights, cause that’s what kids do, and just finished pulling one child’s privileges for hitting his sister, ? YES ITS ONLY 8:30am….lets get moving….

Joshie decides my couch is a balance beam, bends over to grab a blanket, loses his balance and falls!

Now I know some mothers jump at the sound of screaming but I have 6 kids…. Someone is always getting hurt or falling over…. It happens, And when you calculate there are 6 kids my odds go up….

So I respond, stop screaming and get up….now don’t judge me, I’m being honest, to which he responds BUT THERE’s BLOOD!!!!!!
Now you have to understand, Josh would yell like that for a splinter… So I’m still not stressed… I’m now in front of the couch,

“Cmon Josh, get up please, I’ll check it out and get you ice”



Well, my champion kids went into gears!! Within 3 minutes, literally 3 minutes, I’m dressed, Josh has a WAD of paper towels soaking up blood thanks to Breanna, who also got his shoes, samuel is getting dressed to come with me as the professional hospital kid of our family, finally diabetes has a purpose, mark anthony takes the trailer off the truck, Breanna brings Odin out because of course, NOW the pup has to go potty, and we might as well get him out before we have another mess inside to clean, and Caleb goes with her because the large amounts of blood have him FREAKING OUT, Alex jumps in and starts cleaning the couch and floor…. It took me more time to write this then it did to have it happen!

And now you wonder HOW am I on Facebook telling you my story??? Because I’m the lucky mom of a Looooong ER wait!13892312_10153816937614632_3020556653573573384_n

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