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EVER HAVE A MOMENT THAT CHANGED YOUR LIFE? This picture stirs in me THAT MOMENT….. and when I look at this I think, WOW, I have had a few of “those moments” This was […]

Little Black Dress Countdown to New Year’s!

Everyone’s little black dress is different, are YOU ready for yours??? Join me as I help you count down to New Years Eve and the little black dress! Before the ball drops, watch the […]


READ THE RULES TO MAKE SURE YOU DID IT ALL!!! Ok so who doesn’t love FREE STUFF ?!?!? !!!!NO COACHES ELIGIBLE!!! don’t forget to click the link and enter the contest!!! a Rafflecopter giveaway […]

Protein Reese’s Cups

Hello Little bit of heaven!!! Ok, there is just something about CHOCOLATE AND PEANUT BUTTER that just makes me feel happy! One of my favorites is eating a Reese’s Pieces! a So looking at […]

Thai Cashew Chopped Salad with ginger peanut sauce

This Salad, just rocked my world! I love Thai food, and I love the noodles, Phad Thai especially.. but after this salad, I TOTALLY felt like I kicked the thai crave without the carbs! […]

Pam Spray…is it really ZERO 0 CALORIES???

Our Beloved spray cans…..We go on a diet… try to eat better and the first item we run to is our ZERO CALORIE OIL SPRAY!!!!! (Said in my best superhero cartoon voice) We pick […]

Wrapping and Binding… Why it’s not safe! Dealing with Diastasis Recti

So seriously I am no medical professional… but I have done a ton of research on this…. you will find a million sites showing great success with wrapping and binding to decrease your waistline… […]

How do you get your kids to read?

Ok so we are going on our 11th year homeschooling over here.. but lets be honest.. pre K and Kindergarten felt so big and important then… and now I am not sure I even […]

What’s the deal with Quinoa???

Ok so here it is, Quinoa… I LOVE quinoa. It’s become my new favorite food. Did you know that Quinoa is high in protein too.. so like yeah, it’s a carb, but it’s a […]

So, How did we get here?

Here I am, How the heck did I get here… and really coaching?!? Well, I have always been into food, Not always the good stuff either. I never struggled with being thin, and always […]

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