Natural Medicine all around…..

So it’s no secret I am the person to go to with whatever your ailment! From Using my RIFE Machine to ZAP out an illness, to figuring out what herbal blend or tincture you need… sometimes it’s just a simple blend of oils… I am your go to girl! I love fermenting my own foods and creating new blends of spices and flavors!!!

As I build up my blog, I promise to get some good ones started first to help you with this upcoming germ season. As I create each page, the pics on this page will link up to them.. Thanks for your patience as I get all the information up on here. Please if there is a blend, or question you have, comment below, I would love to answer questions as they come up while I am still loading all my pages up here! Please don’t mistake my lack of blogging skills for lack of knowledge… I spent my time studying herbs and oils instead of webs and tags! hehe


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