This picture stirs in me THAT MOMENT….. and when I look at this I think, WOW, I have had a few of “those moments” This was the first!

At the time we had only been married 7 years and we only had 4 kids. I was only 28 years old and life was good… we were having a labor day BBQ with our friends and family, who we are blessed all these years later to still have in our lives…. but I digress…

This is the evening we first struggled… I mean all night long and the next day after this picture was taken… my husband was brought to the ER with what they thought was cellulitis and a possible MRSA.. immediate surgery showed there was something else going on… but what we still had to find out….

Over the next few weeks there were tests, and surgeries, struggles and hospital stays, acid burns from his small intestine leaking, ileostomy bags that weren’t large enough for the gaping hole they left in him, and he was sent home to my inexperienced care!

You know what I found out? That I loved this man more than anything…. and I would learn and do ANYTHING for him. Over the next 7 months, he was home with me… in my care… to literally nurse to health… clear liquid diets, then strained soups… then soft foods…. I had to learn how to make the most pureed of foods tastier than life… to help sustain his health, to make him feel normal as possible while home recovering barely able to walk… I had to play mom, wife, nurse, and keep it together while not losing myself… (that was hard!)

But you know what…. in that period of time, through the exploratory, the bowel resection, the infection thereafter, the recovery, the surgery to fix the improper healing, the recovery from that, the hernia a year later and surgery again… through it all… I realized each day I love this man more and more… I worried, WHAT IF SOMETHING HAPPENED??? I mean 7 years wasn’t enough time… NOT AT ALL… and we had kids I mean 4 kids, WHO EVEN HAS 4 KIDS ANYMORE??? (we now have 6) I realized… God had a plan beyond what I knew… and my husband was SO confident… God gave him promises he had yet to fulfill, and so, it wasn’t his time, so I could stop worrying! Just like that, I trusted him so I trusted HIM!

Now 15 years married, 6 kids in, I look back and see how God taught me strength and trust… I had a son diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a few years later… but I had been prepared… and conditioned… my husband shattered his collar bone, down again, strength and conditioned… my own health issues…. those around me…. I am now the stay calm and cool… cause God’s got this girl! I mean I stress and worry, but not like people expect.

Be grateful for your struggles.
Be grateful for the hard times.
Be grateful for the moments you can’t see light at the end of the tunnel….
Because it’s those moments that develop your character, and build you into the person you are supposed to be…
Because it’s in those moments you get to learn… what your plan is.

WE don’t need to see the end of the story… we need to actively participate in this moment right now, and trust God to fill in the details along the way.1923964_25863499631_9006_n

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