So, How did we get here?

Here I am, How the heck did I get here… and really coaching?!? Well, I have always been into food, Not always the good stuff either. I never struggled with being thin, and always had energy… more than most. Then the kids started coming… 1,2,3,4,5,6… yes SIX kids. Ok, I LOVE all them kiddos, but they took a toll on my body, I had one every other year. I started Home Schooling when the oldest was 4, and here we are married over 14 years later with kids ranging form almost 3-13. Over time I gained about 70lbs, then the ball dropped… LIFE CAME TO A HALT! My then 9 year old was diagnosed with Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes.. We rushed him to the hospital, were told over and over 1 more day and he might not be with us! Well, that was a wake up call. I dove into nutrition, natural medicine, making my family healthy and strong… and while this was happening, would quietly tuck them all into bed… and go downstairs and eat… and eat… and sneak food, and self comfort.. well, that helped me balloon to over 205lbs. Here I am 35 years old, 5’4″ and 165 lbs. It was terrible, my self esteem was at an all time low, I wasn’t happy with me, and something had to change. I started 21 day fix. (after much hesitation!) first round I was down 15lbs…. second round another 10 whoo hoo I can do this, and it’s easy, and I am rockin’ it!

I kept going, eventually getting tired of 21 Day Fix. My body was stuck in a plateau, but that is ok, I started p90x3 (I have a secret crush on Tony anyway)… I would go back to my 21 DF Dvds here and again because had such success with them. I finally had worked up to the P90X2 program… and now currently work a hybrid of P90x2/21 DF and running…NOW, Here I stand… still on my journey to better health… and as you will read through my posts… going strong every day!IMG_7586


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