How do you get your kids to read?

Ok so we are going on our 11th year homeschooling over here.. but lets be honest.. pre K and Kindergarten felt so big and important then… and now I am not sure I even want to qualify them in my Home School Resume! My oldest starts 9th grade.. which I don’t really think is possible considering yesterday he was a nursing toddler… but that doesn’t seem to be his opinion! Here I am now…with this amazing kid sitting next to me well after midnight.. and he LOVES TO CONSUME BOOKS, and even if he doesn’t want to read it.. he can get it done anyway so it’s not a huge deal. Then there is the 11 year old.. goodness, he thinks reading is the worst form of torture… ( parenthood will teach him sleep deprivation is the worst form of torture but we have time for that debate) I decided to start a book club for my kids.





So here are the books they will be reading through first week of November… I am really hoping for some excitement as we try this venture out. I have the books picked, I will read them too, and come up with some great discussion questions… I am trying to figure questions that will make them react.. and interact. I have lots of great ideas for this too. FINGERS CROSSED it works according to my plan!

What are your tricks to getting your kids to read? What are some of their favorite books? I think the hardest part for me is each of my 6 kids… all likes a different Genre… and this mama doesn’t have time to read each one… so I find myself picking generic books no one is happy with! I am pretty happy though with the current list I picked out. We will know soon enough that is for sure!

This was a meme my oldest son sent me… he HATES reading on the iPad or kindle… he loves BOOKS ONLY!

WELL, I am still trying to build up my blog, but I would love your comments on what you think or any ideas you have from clubs you have done or been to!

~~signing off…. the healthy home school mama!

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