Pam Spray…is it really ZERO 0 CALORIES???

Our Beloved spray cans…..We go on a diet… try to eat better and the first item we run to is our ZERO CALORIE OIL SPRAY!!!!! (Said in my best superhero cartoon voice) We pick up that can and see that coveted number Calories………..0
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Here is the thing though, to read this number correctly you first need to read more of the label…
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1/4 of a second spray is 0 calories… but what about a second or 2 second spray… because WHO EVER ONLY SPRAYS 1/4 OF A SECOND… seriously, how do you even measure that in a kitchen setting. “Get your stopwatches out kids, Mama’s using the ZERO CALORIE COCONUT OIL SPRAY!” OK, Now I know I am a homeschool mom… but I want cooking eggs in the morning to just be cooking eggs! I don’t always have the time to think about this.

Now I am not saying these spray oils are the worst. I would be a liar if I said I don’t use them… I found a great one at target.. and it’s coconut oil.. and I love the taste… and it works great. What I AM SAYING is don’t be fooled by the ZERO calorie label. The can says it has 463 servings. Have you ever used one of those can’s 463 times?


Next time you pull your spray can out of he pantry and swirl around you pan… try to truly assess how much oil you are using… The coconut oil is fine, What isn’t fine is how we count it. If you are “fixin” it’s probably about a tsp, or at least a half tsp.. .and you need to count it! Think about this. You make your egg, use the spray, roast some cubed potatoes, that you sprayed and added herbs to, do this with food a few times a day… and you can’t figure out why your macros aren’t right, or why you aren’t losing like you should. It’s because way too much fat is getting in your diet. Healthy fats may be good for you, but you can’t eat 2 avocados a day and hit your goals. Same applies with the ZERO CALORIE myth. Read your labels.. Look at the servings and see if it seems accurate. Just remember the FDA controls how foods are labeled… and they allow manufacturers to determine “portion” so if a manufacturer can “reasonably” get the size down enough, they can succeed in manipulating these numbers… Here is how it works….

According to the FDA website “amounts less than 5 calories may be expressed as zero.” If the serving size would have been a “1 second spray” then the calories would add up to 7, and the nutrition label would have had to show 7 calories.

Don’t be duped.. be educated! Now go enjoy your spray oil on your “fried” eggs


Now go check your fridge and pantry, let me know what foods have duped you!

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