Wrapping and Binding… Why it’s not safe! Dealing with Diastasis Recti

So seriously I am no medical professional… but I have done a ton of research on this…. you will find a million sites showing great success with wrapping and binding to decrease your waistline… it works.. I tried it after my 5th kid… my waist went down with binding… but here is the thing, I suffered from Diastasis Recti, and though my waistline went down, I did not lose the weight or close my gap… I did however create back problems and stomach issues, major constipation,and chronic cramps in my sides (I even went to the hospital thinking I was having an appendicitis attack!



Body wraps and waist trainers are not a good trend to be following! Based on extensive research, you breathe 60% less while wearing a waist trainer and a body wrap dehydrates you, hence why people who wear these claim to have loss of appetite. You are suffocating yourself, you’re causing shallow breathing and you’re reorganizing your internal organs. And you need to stay hydrated! If you’re body is carrying less than 20% water then consider yourself dead. While you’re all thinking of the physical results you’ll achieve, you’re failing to realize the internal complications you’re creating for yourself and for your future. Breathing is life! Exercising and proper nutrition/mindful eating are the best and most conducive way to change your whole being. There is no magic pill. There is no secret method. Do your research and understand that in order to look healthy on the outside you need to start nurturing from the inside. Long term health comes from awareness of self. Everything is a process and it all starts with being aware. Take small steps and make little changes to simplify your life. Appreciate that your body is working for you! Do you remember how women used to constantly “swoon” Think of any old book you’ve read, or any old movie, the women would pass out all the time. This was actually from the corsets they wore. It would eventually put them into a state of hyperventilating without the quickness of breath…It was also the reason they had so many other complications and would stay bed ridden and sick for so long, get up corset up and start the damage all over again.

Here is where nutrition comes in. As a BeachBody coach one thing I love is we don’t push a magic anything… YOU NEED TO EAT RIGHT, AND YOU NEED TO EXERCISE! It’s plain and simple. I followed a program called MuTu for almost a year while I learned about alignment and proper breathing, standing, etc…It’s based from the UK, and it’s super slow moving but its all about healing the core. Healing the “gap” that doesn’t hold our bellies in… healing the Diastasis Recti. If you have questions about this gap, about alignment, about proper zero drop shoes, about how to stand properly, sit on your sitting bones.. any of these things.. let me know and please leave a comment below so I can give you a full answer! ✨

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